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"i'm here, the party's all around me"

Nina news!

This is a post on her forum, where she talks about some changes in her life and the record release date!!

forgive me, friends, for i have sinned. it has been SEVEN FUCKING MONTHS since my last post. my only excuse is this: i haven't wanted to write anything until i had something definitive to tell you about the release date of my album. i have been in limbo, and didn't feel like sharing my limbo-y misery with all you. but i finally have something to report. i have a release date. i think. do you want to know what it is?

since i last spoke to you, i have moved (only a block away from my old house, but none of that bad jim morrisson karma), been to party at prince's house, cut all my hair off, hated my hair, never watched a single episode of american idol, watched every episode of project runway, come to terms with my hair, been invited to another party at prince's house but decided not to go (if you had told me this would happen when i was 16, i would have had you committed), stopped eating sugar, did a photo shoot for the album, started eating sugar again, and twiddled my thumbs and waited for a fucking release date!!

it's july 18th, by the way. do you think that's too far away? i don't. i like it-- summer album, summer tour. perfect. oh, and my hair will have grown out by then.

so, accept my apologies and love me the way i love you-- unconditionally and without judgement of your hair.



Here's a link to a new song:
The Blue Hour
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