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"walking through life unnoticed, knowing that no one cares"

07.27.05· Nina writes from Los Angeles:

the new album is upon us, i swear. i am busy looking through photographers books, trying to pick someone to shoot the album artwork, and putting together my long, long, long list of thank yous for the liner notes ("forgive me friends, for i have sinned: it has been FIVE YEARS since my last record...."). the album will be out on warner brothers at the (very) beginning of the year (don't yell at ME, it's not MY fault), and will include 16 new songs. at the moment i am calling it bleeding heart graffiti.

in the meantime, if you want to hear a more pristine version of "alone with you", than the one on this site, and also give some $$ to a very important cause that's very important to me, go to and buy abrazos. it's a complilation put together by a friend of mine, benefiting the susan g. komen breast cancer foundation.

more news soon, a new website soon, and a new album soon. hang on everybody, it's all happening...
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