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"think about the good things, no matter what they say"

From Nina's site:

"....working with bob rock again. seriously, he is my guradian angel. everything sounds amazing....

today wendy came and played guitar and bass on "suffragette" which is the song we wrote together. it's funny, she is a good friend of mine, but sometimes i have these reality check moments where i am like. "oh my god , that's WENDY MELVOIN!!!" still a little starstruck. she is so, so cool. and the song is bad-ass. remember what i said a while back about there not being any ROCK on my record? well, scratch that-- things have CHANGED. i mean, it's not gonna be like st. anger or anything, but it is not the sad, sleepy record that i finished last summer. i am soooooo happy right now, you guys. forilla.

right now we are doing some piano overdubs on "turn on your radio," i am on my computer, and we just ordered thai food (pad woon sen for me) and life is good. and... cue the earthquake!!!

we are working fast, and we will be done by the end of march. i promise you'll hear it soon. okay, i know my promises don't mean much around here (hi stevie!!), but i mean it!

gotta go pay attention now...

xoxo nina gee"
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